Facials /  Advanced Facials

Once you have been on the path of corrective facials, we encourage clients to take their skin to the highest level with our advanced facials. Each facial is bespoke to the individual. These Facials can only be booked if you have had intermediate facials at our salon or a face to face consultation in our salon.

$420 / allow up to 70mins

An advanced skin perfecting treatment that starts with an intensified A-Zyme Peel (Retinol (1% Vitamin A) and Bromelain, to refine the skin’s surface texture) combined with skin-needling Mesotherapy (an introduction of various vitamins and complex ingredients which are injected to the dermis layer of skin). The power house of all anti-ageing treatments, this fast-acting, skin rejuvenation treatment has been carefully formulated to combat the effects of ageing, UV damage, pore size, as well as improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tone and texture. Results of the treatment are immediate and continue to develop in the skin, reaching optimal radiance 2 weeks after the treatment. 


+ hyaluronic acid oxygen infusion $60
$270 / allow up to 70mins

The Double Peel is customisable with different combinations of AHA and BHA acids layered for processing times unique to each skin type. The integration of acids allows for multiple concerns to be addressed for faster results. Relax and enjoy the combined power of these formulations without any pain or discomfort - encouraging skin renewal, heath and radiance.


One of the signs of ageing is a gradual loss of skin elasticity, and a natural loss of skin collagen production. With this in mind, our skin tightening treatment is an advanced scientific method of using radio frequency energy to deliver tighter, fuller, plumper skin without any downtime. This treatment is suitable for all clients who are concerned with firming the skin and refining the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used as a preventative treatment for skin that is starting to show the signs of ageing.

full face
full face + neck
$220 / allow up to 70mins
$260 / allow up to 70mins
$160 / allow up to 45mins
$150 / allow up to 45mins
$300 / allow up to 70mins

We have combined an advanced skin perfecting treatment that combines micro-needling with potent vitamins and complex ingredients which are injected to the dermis layer of skin. This treatment delivers the highest calibre collagen induction therapy to improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles + fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores, increases product absorption, regulation of pigmentation, and softens scars. 

+ breakout / hydration peel $70
+ hyaluronic acid oxygen infusion $60
$270 / allow up to 70mins

Utilising multiple modalities the Advanced Skin Polish takes the next step to enhance your skins’ glow. This treatment incorporates diamond microdermabrasion, reinforced with fruit enzymes and completed with multiwave LED Light therapy. This is the perfect treatment for instant renewal, refining texture and collagen stimulation. 


A globally lauded chemical peel and treatment that brightens and evens skin tone. Excellent for Melasma, it effectively improves hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuation. Acting as an enzyme in the melanocyte to correct and regulate the production of melanin, the activation of tyrosinase is prevented and reduces the amount of melanin synthesised for skin. Results will be start to be noticeable 2-4 weeks post treatment, after the peeling has stopped. The price below includes 1x professional treatment and the daily at home skin care kit. 

$1300 including at home skincare kit
+ hyaluronic acid oxygen infusion $60
+ LED Light Therapy $50