What products do you use?

We use two skincare lines, Ultraceuticals and Intraceuticals - both Australian made and owned. You can view further information on either skin care brand by visiting the links below.

www.ultraceuticals.com  /  www.intraceuticals.com

What type of Facials do you offer?

We offer a variety of Facials from relaxing treatments through to corrective treatments should you have specific concerns you would like to target. 

What if I am not sure what Facial is best for me?

If you are booking a Facial through our online booking system, please choose what you feel may be best suited for you and at your appointment you will receive a skin consultation, in which we will advise what is best suited for you and your skin - meaning, your choice of treatment can be varied / changed / custom tailored.

If you are booking a Facial directly with us via phone/email, we will block off a set period of time and decide on the day of your appointment what Facial is best for you! No two Facials are ever done the same at Melissa Young Beauty, every treatment is custom tailored to suit each individual. 

What is Fractional Mesotherapy?

Fractional Mesotherapy (Skin Needling) is a non-invasive treatment delivered via the Wireless Tri-M micro needling device. The device uses medical grade stainless steel needles that vertically pierce the skin, essentially working down to the dermis, leaving the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, intact. The electronic device uses a powerful motor allowing the needles to move quickly in and out of the skin. This creates micro channels in the skin, stimulating the body’s natural collagen production while also dramatically increasing the bioavailability of topical treatments and further enhancing their absorption.

Please click on the following link for further information - Fractional Mesotherapy

How often can I have a Facial?

This will vary depending on the type of Facial Treatment you have received. Your therapist will advise you on the length of timing / frequency / quantity of treatments if you are targeting a specific concern, as certain treatments can be repeated at closer intervals. 

What are the benefits of having regular Facials?

The reason we advise to have monthly Facials is that your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of visible skin) will completely renew itself approximately every 28 days. In this time your skin cells are constantly being replicated from the treated cells to replace the old cells. If you give your skin a head start (i.e a good facial) your skin cells will begin to replicate the now healthier cells and thus give you a better complexion. 

Do I have to make a deposit to secure a Facial appointment?

Yes, due to the length of time we allocate for Facials (which include a skin consult), we do require a $50 non refundable deposit to secure your Facial booking with us. We require a minimum of 12hrs notice should you wish to reschedule your booking. If rescheduled 12hrs prior to your appointment your deposit will be moved with your appointment. This deposit cannot be used towards any other treatment offered in the salon for change of mind or if you wish to cancel. Deposit will come off the total price at the end of your facial. 

How do I book an appointment?

All bookings can be made directly through our website. Please go to our online booking page or if you would like to contact us via phone or email please visit our  contact page .