Facials /  Skin Consultation

For all of our new clients we recommend booking in a skin consultation appointment prior to booking in for a Facial treatment. This appointment entails the skin therapist to analyse your skin, discuss any problem areas or concerns you have, as well as homecare and recommendation of treatments. Your skin specialist will work out a bespoke treatment plan for you, explain timeframe for each treatment and can assist with making all future treatment bookings. Using our latest technologies, techniques and advanced skin care our therapists are passionate and dedicated to help their clients achieve their skin goals.


While our skin consists of multiple layers, the outer layer (Epidermis) is the only one visible to the naked eye. Very often, the deeper layers of the skin contain the keys to better understanding your skin’s condition. The Observ is a diagnostic imaging device which visualises your total skin condition, including the underlying layers of the Dermis and Hypodermis. The patented technology behind the Observ is based on the illumination and fluorescence of different kinds of lights on the face, which provide a clear understanding of your skin’s condition. 

$50 / allow 30 -  45mins